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We are truly excited to share our passion Uzi Isle luxury sandals with you, curated in New York and manufactured in East Africa. Each piece is hand beaded and crafted meaning that no shoe or accessory is identical, making them specifically yours.

We want to share a series of fresh collections with you – Inspired by the gorgeous Island of Zanzibar, particularly Uzi Island where Uzi Isle got its name. Additionally, through our blog, we want to authentically take you through our wins, challenges and growth as we expand and share our gorgeous collection with the world.

Uzi Isle Collections are inspired by our global travel that has afforded us the opportunity experience some of the worlds best kept secrets; these are country, cities and islands that showcase the best in textures, colors, architecture and spirit. We are then able to design our unique product which is handed over to our local artisans to be crafted. We hand select the best in leather, materials and radiant colors. The talent that we have on our team of artisans is an innate talent that we are constantly in awe of and proud to share with you. They take approximately 48 hours to hand bead every pair of sandals and another 24 hours to handcraft the final product.

We hope that you love and welcome Uzi Isle into your wardrobe.


We work with local artisan entrepreneurs every day to build their businesses, improve production capacity, and to increase their income. We do this through fair working environments and systems that encourage business growth and sustainability.

Uzi Isle is also pleased to support the education of girls aged 5-16 across Kenya and Tanzania through mentorship, and partial profits of each product that you purchase.

Ethical. Sustainable. Fresh.