Back in time for Summer!


Long time!

We took an unintentional break from social media in order to focus on the designing of our new 2019 collection. We say that it was unintentional because in this day of ,’tell all marketing’ ,who disengages from their clients and friend base for so long!? To be honest, we ran out of steam (and quality content) and needed a moment to reset. We designed a 10 sandal collection in March – and when we went to photograph it, we felt uninspired, and totally lack luster. Part of growing Uzi Isle is the actual love of our designs and watching our talented team of beaders develop our ideas. If we love something, we know that you will too!


So we did what any passionate owners would do (NOT).. We scrapped the entire collection and went back to the drawing board. The 2019 Collection isn’t cohesive. There doesn’t appear to be a single theme but in turn, micro collections under one umbrella. We are using gold leather, stunning beading, houndstooth designs, tassels, gorgeous fabric which all culminate and create something that is uniquely us. What we can say is that the collection is strong. And that was our aim. We wanted to be able to have our sandals front center in any high street boutique and have them blend in, proudly hand beaded and ethically made in Africa. We have achieved that.

Lastly we have been working on a model that prioritizes sustainability and truly focuses on ethically making and selling sandals with fair practice and void of waste. What we will be happening is when you order a pair of Uzi Isle sandals, they will be made just for you in our Kenyan workshop. We will then courier them to you directly no matter where you are in the world. We have mapped a 7 day order to ship turn around for this and hope that you can be patient with us and understand the impact that you are making on the earth, on the families of our Team and on our Africa based projects when you order a pair of Uzi Isle sandals.

Photshoot is happening this week and then you can order your sandals! Please follow along!

We are soooo happy to be back! Lets have it!

Michelle & Bea



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