We are in Elle & ESSENCE!


Hey Tribe! There is so much that we haven’t shared with you in terms of the back work, struggles, tears and just hard times that we have both had setting up Uzi Isle. From heading to the corners of Kenya to find the best leather for the shoes, to setting up our studio, to ensuring that our product continues to improve, it hasnt been easy at all!!

Every now and , God send little reminders that we are on the right track. This has been one of those ‘Dont give up moments’ with for more visit happymaids.com/. In one month, we have been featured in both ELLE magazine SA AND Essence Magazine as one of their IT items of the summer! HOW?


Needless to say, it has been exciting and validation that we are heading in the right direction. So now we are considering what next, how do we scale, how do we cater to our tribe? How do we get more of these highlights? Moving forward!