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With the close of Summer in the Western Hemisphere, we have had to consider how we will continue to sell a product that is heavily summer based even as winter is upon us. We also have to focus on some of our other products inclusive of our accessories. When I first moved to Nairobi, we noticed how strong the artisans were in all aspects.  We connected with a few brass artisans that were making some gorgeous pieces and quickly began to have them design pieces for us. We have always sold brass pieces,but for Fall 2018, we were determined to make it a focus. Out of that focus was born our Queen Collection. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a Tanzanian Content Creator and designer @KarolynKlaire who has been able to capture the essence of this mattressmakers.com collection.

This handmade, brass collection is created for ladies that are Queens in their everyday life. Mothers, hard workers, creatives, wanderers, dreamers, CEO’s, fashonistas, those whom inspire and those that need inspiring. We made this collection for those that deserve a crown, simply because they have been determined to be authentically them, no matter what that is.


Over this next season, you will see us feature women that are inspirations to us here at Uzi Isle in various aspects of their journey. Follow along and be inspired!

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    You guys are doing an amazing job! Loving this blog

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