Dear Summer – 2018!


Hey Tribe! It feels like we blinked and the summer is over. We had grandiose plans for summer 2018. Summer 2017 for us was a test of the market. We built our studio in the Spring of 2018, and  turned 1 years old at the beginning of Summer 2018. In baby terms, we were beginning to walk. One foot in front of the other. Slow and steady. And we did that.


We created a new collection Tropical Oasis focused on classic but strong designs in tropical colors and beaded work.

We focused on strengthening our fit and improving our product. We added leather soles (the STRUGGLE to get here lol), and rubber heels. We added new members to our team and added frameworks and processes.


And we had some hiccups. Sizing was off a few times. Costly mistakes that we had to quickly fix. But we did it. All in time for Summer 2018.

We started by setting up for the African Arts fest where we were able to connect with many of our tribe that we hadn’t seen since last summer.

We participated in a month law pop up event at the Canal Street Market in New York. We were able to tap into a completely new customer base

We set up up at the Doreen Mashika boutique in Zanzibar

We set up in our first Miami Location – the Design Deck in Ironside Miami Beach.

We took part in the Wakanda celebration in Mount Vernon New York

And we got recurring orders from our newest stockist –  The Four Seasons hotel in the Serengiti. This was a major win for us!

It has been a very eventful summer! My sister told me a story about how she was in New York and someone stopped her and asked her where she got her sandals – turns out we had been sold out of the pair she had on online and the girl and been stalking to site to see when we would restock. She wanted to buy them off of her feet.

THESE are the stories that make it all worth it and give us LIFE! Its all about the building of a brand which takes time and patience.

Dear Summer, You have been good to us. We are grateful. Thank you tribe.

Michelle & Bea

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