Meet our baby – Uzi Isle




Welcome to our Website & Blog! We are truly excited to share our passion Uzi Isle luxury sandals with you, curated in New York and manufactured in East Africa. Each piece is hand beaded and crafted meaning that no shoe is identical, making them specifically yours.

We want to share our gorgeous new collection with you for SS18 – Tropical Oasis – Inspired by the gorgeous Island of Zanzibar.Bea is Tanzanian and Michelle is from the Caribbean. Michelle moved to Tanzania to start a business where we ended up becoming sisters and housemates. The vision for Uzi Isle comes from our travels throughout Africa and the rest of the globe. The name Uzi Isle comes from a small island off of Zanzibar called Uzi Island. The raw beauty has been inspiration to all of our products with the color, textures and feel.

Together, we design all items, select the best materials and work with our small group of family artisans to ensure that you receive an ethical and quality product which share a deep history and story.

Additionally, we want to authentically take you through our wins, challenges and growth as we expand and share our gorgeous collection with the world. Thanks for following along. Hope you love and welcome Uzi Isle into your wardrobe.

Peace and Love,

Michelle & Bea